Beliefs around Business Coaching and Mentoring.

1. Constantly Challenge Yourself. I believe that not much happens of any significance when we live life in our comfort zone. Working with me is definitely about working outside your Comfort Zone- change starts within.

2. Learn by your Mistakes. Almost nothing works the first time it’s attempted. Just because what you’re doing does not seem to be working, doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just means that it might not work the way you’re doing it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Don’t ever wish it was easier; just wish you were better at it.

3. When you’re ready to Quit, you’re Closer than you Think. There’s an old Chinese saying that sums this up the best. It goes like this: “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” As your coach, I will never allow you to quit.

4. Frustration is a Choice; it’s just not a preferred choice for me or my Clients!  Hope for the best, and plan for the worst in every situation. It is great to be optimistic, however if you can teach yourself to not only accept the worst thing that could happen in each situation, but make it a point to quantify what the worst thing could be, then you will never be disappointed or frustrated. Very seldom will the worst case ever eventuate.

5. Focus on what YOU want to have Happen. Too many times people focus on what they ‘don’t want to happen’ not what they ‘do want to happen’. Remember that old saying, “As you think, so shall you be.” Nobody has ever reached their potential with a negative, victim based attitude.

6.  Be quick to Decide. Fear builds procrastination and procrastination is one of the biggest burdens to a business owner. Working with me allows you to see the forest for the trees and helps with the hardest decisions. Remember what General George S. Patton said: “A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

7. Measure Everything of Significance. I swear this is true. Anything that is measured and watched, improves. People respect what you inspect and everything that happens in your business can be reflected in a number, if you know where to look. Knowing what numbers to watch is where I can help

8. Pay attention to your Competitors, but pay more Attention to what you’re Doing. When you look at your competitors, remember that everything looks perfect at a distance. Concentrate on what is happening in your back yard first, that is where the biggest gains are made.

9. Don’t take Yourself too Seriously. Lighten up. Often, at least half of what we accomplish is due to luck. None of us are in control as much as we like to think we are. I welcome all control freaks onto my team because like you, I like results!

10. There’s always a Reason to Smile. Find it. After all, you’re really lucky just to be alive, think of the alternative before you next play the victim. Life is short- live it, love it and practice gratitude .

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One Response to Beliefs around Business Coaching and Mentoring.

  1. Ryan Epp says:

    I am glad while and after reading the post above which I can relate with. I would like also to share my opinion – Every brilliant performer, regardless of whether an elite athlete, business legend or performing superstar, is surrounded by coaches and advisors. As the world of commerce moves faster and gets a lot more aggressive, it is complex to keep up with market modifications, innovations in sales, and administration approaches, among other things. Business coaching is like consulting, but the difference is business coaching teaches the company owner what’s wrong and tips on how to fix it so complications don’t occur in the future. With years of successful experience that can provide valuable insight, a Business Coach might help you establish long-term and short term objectives and strategies, and even boost your enterprise in a number of areas – probably even some overlooked areas.