Do you Want or Need more Money from your Business?

I am yet to meet a Small Business owner that has said No to this question, even though the majority of people I talk to don’t list this as the major challenge in their business causing them stress.

The first thing I need to get clarity around before I can help any business owner ‘earn more money’ is WHY?

Some Businesses I talk to are holding good margins for their industry but experience poor cash flow, others have reasonable cash flow but have poor profitability and some have both.

Understanding exactly why you need to earn more money from your business allows me to methodically find the cause to the problem and inevitably provide a solution.

If you need more money from your business let me come out and determine whether it is a cash flow or profit problem, then I can find the cause/s and together we can implement strategies as part of the solution.

The problem is normally fairly easy to find, the solution easy to understand but having the discipline, knowledge & experience to implement the strategy: that is where a coach can help!

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