Shayne on Life

Being proudly South Australian those who know me would say it was no surprise that after 13 years living interstate that I chose to return to SA to continue in business and raise my family.

Being the father of 3 daughters together with over 20 years of marriage to my wife Jeanette, has taught me a lot about gratitude and the importance of a healthy work life balance. For me Life is definitely about working to live, not living to work

After spending the best part of the last 7 years working with the World’s largest and most successful business coaching firms, it is now time that knowledge and energy is directed towards the business owners of South Australia, in particular the ones who see the benefit in working with me one on one

Shayne on Business

Following my return to SA in 2001 I started mentoring a number of business owners in one of the world’s largest and most successful Franchise Organisations. It was during this time I learnt how rewarding it was helping business owners grow and be successful in business.

This was when I learnt one of the most valuable lessons in my life, that business was actually quite simple. With all due respect to the thousands of business owners around the world that are either doing it tough, or have gone out of business, please let me explain.

When I say simple, I don’t mean easy. Business is demanding and time consuming however the principles in business are quite simple.

You have a product or service, you have clients who have an interest in what you are offering, if they see value in what you are selling they will exchange it for money and if you have done your calculations correctly, you will hopefully make enough money to pay your overheads and make a profit!

So where do people get it wrong?

Shayne on People

I know I said earlier that business is easy and if that was true, then the question remains, “how could so many people get it wrong, time and time again?” Well my answer to that is again quiet simple, because people complicate it. Whether it is the owners, their family, clients, staff or even advisors, behind every failed business is a significant people component.

My job as a coach is to make sure the owners of the business do not ‘point the finger’, or ‘make excuses’, because as the owner, the buck stops with you! Most people I meet over look the importance of the ‘people component’ when it comes to the success of their business, but I guarantee it is the first thing that gets mentioned when it fails.

Like most things in life, I tend to take a simplistic approach when it comes to dealing with people. People are complicated and different yet they are predictably different and if you can find a way to communicate and motivate them such a way that best suits them as individuals, they will respond favourably MOST of the time.

Having the right people on the team is critical and my advice for all owners is again simple, “employ people that are better than you at doing a specific job!” When it comes to employees- they are a business’s most important asset. Their job is to consistently exceed the expectations of your customers, if you can ensure this happens without fail, your success is guaranteed!

Shayne’s Values

People often get hung up on ‘what people do or don’t do’ or ‘how they make me feel’ but very rarely do people stop and ask why?  If you take the time to understand the ‘why’ you will understand why people do what they do.

Depending upon what Personal Development books you have read in the past there are numerous different analogy’s used to describe the complexity of people.

Whether it is icebergs or onions one thing is true, the deeper you dig, the more you peel back the layers, the more you understand what drives and motivates people.  My Values are listed below; it may be worthwhile knowing this if you are thinking about having me work with you and your business

Honesty: depending on where it sits on your values list determines how you go about most things in life.  Most people say they are honest but depending on the situation and the environment they are in will determine just how honest they are prepared to be. As your coach I will say it as I see it, irrelevant of how painful the truth maybe.

Integrity: coaching is about action and results. For me integrity is about doing what you say, not over promising & under delivering.  You must always act in a congruent manner with honesty, sincerity, and stand up for your beliefs whilst respecting the beliefs of others

Respect: begins with ‘self’ and starts with the individual. Self respect is all about knowing your own worth as a person and treating yourself with dignity, so you can always act in a positive manner towards yourself and others.  Self Belief is a very important part of personal development and is a key ingredient for success.

Balance: work life balance is not as simple as devoting an equal amount to this and to that. It is about taking daily personal reward from 4 key quadrants, work, family, friends and self. The next step is to practice discipline and gratitude.  Without the discipline to ensure all areas in your life receive attention and the gratitude to be thankful for what is in your life, BALANCE will remain out of your reach.

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