What is Coaching?

Meet Your Coach

Business Coaching is Relationship Driven

One on one Coaching is a personalised relationship between a ‘coach’ and an ‘individual’ that is customised to suit and individuals strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs and goals. It is not about a ‘one size fits all’ approach where you are force fed information that is ‘useful’ but impractical to implement or is ill-timed and doesn’t fit with what needs to be done now.

Our one on one Mentoring Programmes have been designed to uncover the truth about ‘why’ things are the way they are and ‘how’ to implement the changes required to give individuals their desired results.

The Coaching Relationship

In order to be suitable for one of our Coaching Programmes you need to be open, honest and ready to take Ownership for everything that happens in your life and business. You must be ready to share important information with your coach regarding your goals and dreams as well as your fears and the things that are holding you back. Our coaches are trained and experienced in evaluating what is important and working with you in pushing you outside of your comfort zone with understanding and support.

Being the owner of your Business, you are inevitably Responsible for everything that happens both inside and out. The decisions and actions you either take or don’t take will have a profound effect depending on whether or not they were made on ‘emotion in the spur of the moment’ or ‘educated, planned and part of a larger strategy’. It is our Coaches responsibility to be the sounding board you need to bring clarity and certainty to your day and life.

Having a coach also means you will allow yourself to be held Accountable. You have to be willing to receive feedback from them and from others, even if it is not what you want to hear. A Coaching Relationship is built on trust and respect and it is our job to know you even better than you know yourself. Coaching provides the pathway to self awareness, happiness and freedom.

Final thoughts…

The reality is even though every Business we see can and will benefit from one of our one on one Coaching Programmes, not everybody is coachable. If you are someone who wants change, believes in themselves and their business, we would be honoured if you would consider SA Business Coaching to help you on your journey to success.

Introducing Your Coach, Jodie Burr

Industry Experience  (1994 – Present)

jodieJodie started her hairdressing career at the age of 15, fresh out of school with a strong determination and willingness to learn and succeed. Her work ethic together with her ability to connect with people from all ages made her a sort after employee.

The first 10 Years of her career were shared amongst 3 of Adelaide’s leading salons, where she was mentored and supported by some of Adelaide’s best Salon Owners and Entrepreneurs.

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Business Experience ( 2003 – Present)

Jodie opened her first Salon in 2003 in partnership, at a time where South Australia was experiencing booming business conditions with low interest rates, unemployment and a strong growth in the Real-estate Market. This was an exciting and rewarding time to be a Business Owner.

In 2008 Jodie made the decision to part ways with her partner and gain her independence by opening her second Salon. The economic conditions in 2008 was a stark contrast to what Jodie experienced in 2003 with the advent of the GFC.

Being a Business Owner was now more challenging than ever and Jodie did what she knew how to do, knuckle down and work hard. Long hours, price driven clientele, dissatisfied staff with minimal rewards both personally and financially wasn’t a recipe for happiness.

Coaching Experience ( 2013 – Present)

Jodie was introduced to SA Business Coaching through a random discussion with one of her clients. It soon became obvious that despite over 20 years experience in the Industry, Jodie soon realised her knowledge around Business, Clients, Finance, Sales, Customer Service, and her own Personnel Development was not good enough to allow her to reach her goals. All it took was a 20 minute meeting with Shayne, the owner of SABC, and she knew where her future lay, in coaching and mentoring.

She changed how she mentored her staff which helped reduce her hours from over 60 a week to 10 in Salon and now shares her lessons with other Salon Owners who want their life back.

What they are saying ( Present )

Jodie is without doubt, one of the most dedicated, hardworking people I have ever worked with. Her ability to take on board new and challenging information and convert that into results through her dedicated team is simply inspirational.

With over 20 years experience in the Industry together with her back ground in coaching means she is well placed to help transform the Salon of any individual who believes they deserve more.

Shayne Jaenisch
Owner SA Business Coaching

I have had the privilege of working with Jodie for the past 3 years and I have seen Jodie grow her business in many facets through team building and in depth understanding her team.
Jodie has the unique ability to create a team that will support her ideas and grow her business.

Using her knowledge and understanding of how important building the right team is in any business Jodie is able to recruit the correct person for the role and also understand what drives each staff member insuring a long, successful and productive relationship.

Jodie’s knowledge around recruitment, staff retention, motivation, personal development with the emphasis on team culture will help any business owner who is struggling putting together their dream team.

Understanding the business fully, not only profit and loss but also Cash flow, business percentages and marketing strategies is a strength that Jodie is always willing to share.

Selena Worthley
Key Account Manager SA
Wella Proffesionals

Jodie Burr is the owner of a thriving and ever evolving salon. Her experience in the industry has lead Jodie to really understand what her customers desire along with their needs for quality
and consistent customer service. Jodie has a unique approach with regards to managing her team like a well oiled machine.

Each staff member has the opportunity to expand and develop based on their professional and personal goals. Year on year Wella professionals has seen Jodie’s business “ Blunt hair and Beauty” grow and expand. Her willingness to update herself and her business regularly shows her commitment not only towards personal growth but the longevity of the hair industry.
Jodie has been invited and attended a yearly Wella Professionals International RED Business forum . It is here she has added value to the sessions and has a wealth of knowledge to share with owners alike.

Wella Professionals is a pleased partner of Jodie Burr and Her salon Blunt Hair and Beauty.I would highly recommend without hesitation Jodie to salon owners who need guidance with common issues faced in salon on a day to day basis

Corina Gerecke
Wella Professionals
South Australian State Manager