Time Management

Time is OUR most valuable asset and the one thing that we all tend to take for granted. Have you ever noticed how much some people can achieve in a day compared to others or how relaxed others are when they get put under the pump. If you are one of those people who truly believe you perform better under pressure, give me a chance to show you how much better you can perform when you are in control. Learn the secrets and disciplines to time management and you may even end up finding balance in your life through Business Coaching.

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Financial Mastery

You can never truly have success in business unless you have ‘Financial Mastery’ and know the basic fundamentals of Profit & Loss Reports, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Cycles. This knowledge used at an operational level coupled with the advice & support of a good, qualified accountant will ensure your business grows & thrives. Accountants generally manage your final numbers- the results, it is your responsibility to manage your numbers at an operational level to ensure you don’t experience cash flow issues during the year. Business Coaching will provide you with simple tools and training that is easily understood.

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Marketing Initiatives

Every business has a sales department whether they admit it or not however a great majority of businesses do not allocate any time and resources to their marketing department- the one department whose sole responsibility is to drive leads/prospects to your sales people. My experience shows that most business owners don’t fully understand the differences between advertising & marketing and in today’s market that is a recipe for disaster. If you want to truly stand out from the competition then the answer is not to ‘dump money in expensive advertising campaigns’ because they don’t work. Get your marketing strategies in order and give your sales team a fair chance at getting the sale through a one on one Business Coaching program.

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Sales Training

I challenge any business owner on the planet to convince me that they are not in the business of sales. Every business from Funeral Director to Plumber, every industry from health care to manufacturing relies on the ability to influence people to purchase their products and services. Business Coaching will help take the ‘stigma’ out of Sales and show you and your team how to effectively, efficiently and professionally help your prospects to buy your products & services.

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Recruitment & Retention Services

Using my Turn-ki Recruitment System there will be no need to employ those expensive recruitment agencies to help find you Staff that don’t meet your needs. Nobody understands your company requirements and the culture of your company like you do, so avoid wasting money on expensive recruitment campaigns and interviewing people who are ‘doomed to disappoint’. Instead learn the secrets the recruitment company’s don’t want you to know and let me help you build your dream team! Business Coaching can help you get the dream team you deserve

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Staff Development

If you have a team that you feel are currently under performing or you just cannot seem to get the desired results you want, then learning how to correctly decipher people’s behaviour and learning about the specific needs of others will increase your satisfaction and results.

Business Coaching can give you the tools to help your crack the code to human behaviour and bring out the best in every member of your team.

Leadership Enhancement & Personal Development

If you run a company, lead or manage people at any level then being able to increase your ability to guide, direct and influence people is invaluable.
A customised Business Coaching program will allow a unique insight into the inner workings of your mind & personality, helping you discover a greater level of self awareness than you ever thought possible. As your level of self awareness increases, so will your personal satisfaction, motivation and ability to achieve goals and get results through your team.

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